Press Release

National Nurses United Salutes the Minnesota Nurses - Association for Historic Patient Care Strike o

“We will win,” declares Jean Ross, RN

The 155,000 Registered Nurses of National Nurses United (NNU) today salute and honor their brave colleagues of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) for their historic decision to stage a major strike in defense of the patient care and safety standards at their hospitals.

Today, more than 12,000 RNs in Minnesota walked off their jobs in what is the largest nurses’ strike in U.S. history.  At the same time RNs throughout California at University of California medical centers and other hospitals rallied and picketed for the same issues to ensure safe-staffing at all times. Both groups are members of National Nurses United, the nation’s professional association and union for nurses.

 “I am so proud of our Twin Cities nurses, who stood together in solidarity.  They took a stand not only for today, but for tomorrow—for the patients of the future, for the healthcare system of the future, and for the ability of each nurse to provide an appropriate level of safe care,” said Linda Hamilton, RN, president of the MNA and vice-president of NNU.

Jean Ross, RN, president of NNU and a nurse in Minnesota added, “The struggle that we are witnessing in Minnesota is the same one being played out in healthcare settings across the country.”

“Hospitals are working to undermine patient care standards, and reduce the benefits and pensions that nurses rely upon. There should be consistent standards across the county to protect people in their hours of need. The nurses have taken this step on behalf of our patients, and we will win,” Jean Ross said.

Bunny Endgeldorf, RN, vice president of NNU and a nurse in Minnesota shared, “The nurses today made an impact that will be remembered for a very long time.  We let the hospitals know that we will be strong advocates for our patients and ourselves, and we call on them to recognize our commitment and sit down with us and reach an agreement that protects patients and respects RNs.”

National Nurses United is the largest union and professional association of RNs in U.S. history with 155,000 members in all U.S. states. It was formed by the December, 2009 unification of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, Massachusetts Nurses Association, and United American Nurses.