Press Release

National Nurses United Endorses Consumer Advocate Elizabeth Warren for US Senate Race

For Immediate Release
August 23, 2011

Heralding the candidacy of “Main Street Hero” Elizabeth Warren, the 170,000 member National Nurses United today announced it has endorsed Warren’s exploratory candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and urged her to officially enter the race.
NNU’s endorsement follows a recommendation from NNU affiliate, the 23,000-member Massachusetts Nurses Association, which also announced an endorsement of Warren today.
“For too long now we have seen the results of Wall Street controlling the economy,” said NNU Co-president Karen Higgins, a Massachusetts RN.

“It is time for the ‘Main Street’ values of financial equality and fairness to take precedence, and Elizabeth Warren is the person to lead us in that direction. She will go to Washington D.C. not to serve the interests of Wall Street, but to serve the interests of working people in Massachusetts and across America.”
 “Even though she is not yet an official candidate, the MNA Board has taken the unprecedented step of voting to support her,” said Massachusetts Nurses Association President and an NNU Vice-president Donna Kelly-Williams, RN in the Massachusetts Nurses statement.

 “Her dedication to the nation’s middle class, which she has demonstrated through her work as a faithful consumer advocate both locally and nationally, reflects one of the MNA’s key goals: Restoring a basic standard of living for working people by creating financial remedies that hold Wall Street accountable while protecting those who live and work on Main Street USA,” Kelly-Williams said.

RoseAnn DeMoro, Executive Director of NNU, looks forward to the campaign. “Nurses have aligned with the public in seminal battles over the future of our communities throughout the country. Nurses and patients together have shown the creativity and commitment to winning such efforts. We can take back our country from Wall Street. Elizabeth Warren will be a great ally.”