Press Release

Hazel Hawkins RNs Welcome Health Care District Board's Pledge To Recognize Unions Ahead Of Janus Ruling

Our Union. Our Rights. Our Patients.

Registered nurses with Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital in Hollister hailed the adoption of a resolution by the San Benito Health Care District (SBHCD) Board of Directors reaffirming the board’s support of a unionized workplace.

“Nurses commend the San Benito County Healthcare District/Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Board of Directors for unanimously passing our resolution and recognizing it is only through the collective work of California Nurses Association (CNA) nurses and the strength of our union that RNs at Hazel Hawkins have been able to maintain and improve patient care standards in our facilities and to serve as guardians of public good and welfare in our communities, “ says Diane Beck, medical surgical nurse and CNA chief nurse representative.

The five member SBHCD Board of Directors voted unanimously on Thursday, April 26th to adopt the resolution which recognizes the importance of the advocacy role of registered nurses and directs Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital administration to refrain from interfering with the RNs’ right to participate in CNA and union activities.

The vote comes as the Supreme Court is weighing arguments in Janus V. AFSCME, a case that threatens public sector unions by encouraging employees in unionized public sector workplaces to refuse to pay dues, although those workers enjoy the rights and benefits of a union contract and representation. 

“We know Janus is an attempt to strip the union of the funds needed to ensure we have a strong collective bargaining agreement. Its intent to undo the protections that allow us to do the critical advocacy work necessary to uphold the highest standards of patient care and nursing practice, “ says operating room nurse and CNA nurse representative, Benito Landeros. “The Board’s unanimous vote for this resolution is a powerful message to the current or any future management of our public hospital that the nurses’ work through our union is vital to the safety of our patients and the residents of San Benito County. “

CNA represents 100,000 RNs throughout California, and is the largest affiliate of NNU, with more than 150,000 members nationwide. CNA/NNU plays a leadership role in safeguarding the health and safety of RNs and their patients and has won landmark legislation in the areas of staffing, safe patient handling, infectious disease and workplace violence prevention.