Press Release

GWUH RNs vote yes to the union

Group of nurses arm-in-arm outside

Earlier this morning, George Washington University Hospital nurses voted overwhelmingly to elect the District of Columbia Nurses Association (DCNA) as their collective bargaining representative. Nurses voted 310-207 in favor of the union, making clear their desire to be represented by DCNA.

Nurse organizers stated “we won a legally protected, unified voice. This is a victory for nurses and patients everywhere. We are grateful for our community at GW and look forward to continuing to work together for positive change.”

Edward Smith, Executive Director, DCNA, stated “this is the biggest win for DC nurses in over four decades and is reflective of a sea change in organizing not only in the District of Columbia, but throughout the United States. It shows that when nurses stand together against a billion dollar, for profit, anti-union employer, we can still win.”
Smith also stated that DCNA will formally demand that Universal Health Services, the owner and operator of GWUH, come to the bargaining table in the near future.

DCNA represents approximately 2000 nurses and licensed professional health care workers in the District of Columbia, and is an affiliate of National Nurses United, AFL-CIO.