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Global Nurses Statement on New Zealand Massacre, ‘World’s Nations Must Unite Against Xenophobia’

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Nurse leaders around the world joined together in expressing shock and horror at the deadly slaughter in Christchurch, New Zealand and said it is a reminder of the deadly consequences of hate speech, Islamophobia and anti-immigrant policies that must be confronted and challenged by all.
Global Nurses United, representing nurses and health care workers unions in 23 nations, said they stood in unity with the Muslim community targeted by the attack, and expressed support for New Zealand nurses, represented by the GNU affiliate, the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO), and other health care workers who are providing care for the victims and their families.
No nation can be considered democratic when people must live in fear of violence because of their religion, ethnicity, immigration status, or race, said GNU. In addition to the loss of life and injury, there are also long-term consequences that can erode the mental and physical health of affected family members and entire communities and nations for years.
New Zealand reminds us that this has become a global crisis and must be confronted as a global community.  
It is incumbent on our world leaders to join together in not only condemning the violence, but in directly challenging the inflammatory rhetoric and policies that encourage them.