Press Release

Emergency Press Conference Wednesday

Nurses Protest Chicago’s 11th Hour Bid to Quarantine RN Protest

Will Challenge Mayor Emanuel’s 11th Hour Demand: ‘Nurses and Musician Tom Morello are Not a National Security Threat.’

Nurses will hold an emergency press conference Wednesday outside Chicago City Hall to protest an 11th hour move by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to quarantine a long planned rally May 18 by nurses, joined by other activists.

National Nurses United called the event to present an innovative solution to the economic crisis and austerity measures plaguing the G-8 countries that had once planned to meet in Chicago on that date, a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street financial speculation to raise critically needed funds to heal the U.S. and global economies. Nurses have planned for a march, to be followed by a rally at Daley Plaza featuring internationally renowned musician Tom Morello.

On Tuesday, city officials notified National Nurses United that they were ordering nurses to accept new, less visible, locations for the protest, under threat of cancelling a long approved permit for the public event – even though the G-8 leaders will now be 700 miles away from Chicago on that date in the backwoods of Camp David, Md.


What:             Nurses press conference

When:            Wednesday, May 9, 12 noon

Where:           Outside Emanuel’s City Hall office, LaSalle entrance


“Apparently the mayor thinks nurses and Tom Morello are a national security threat,” said NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro. “How shameful for this last minute attempt to squelch this event – especially given that the G-8 leaders have long since decided to flee from the public view rather than hear our voices.”

The peaceful, colorful march and assembly of nurses, joined by Robin Hood and others supporting a redress of the economic crisis, is also being attended by international guests from several other countries across the world.

“With this blatant effort to stifle dissent, Mayor Emanuel is exposing the city and our country to international ridicule and embarrassment. Is it really worth doing so just to please the Chicago Board of Trade, Mercantile Exchange and other Wall Street interests?” DeMoro said.

At the press conference, NNU will outline a legal challenge to the city’s demand and discuss other plans responding to the city’s move.