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California nurses, labor groups, and activists celebrate California Assembly Health Committee advancing CalCare bill from committee

Large group of people standing in front of CalCare banner, holding CalCare signs

Members of the California Nurses Association, other labor unions, advocacy groups, elected officials and activists praised the Assembly Health Committee’s vote to move forward the single-payer health care bill

With the advancement of AB 2200 through the California Assembly Health Committee, the California Nurses Association (CNA) is celebrating a victory for the single-payer health care movement. The Committee voted April 23 to move AB 2200 – the CA Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, commonly known as CalCare – forward, sending the bill next to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Yesterday, CNA rallied alongside other labor unions, advocacy groups, activists, elected officials and residents, who all gathered in support of CalCare. At the rally, which took place in Cesar Chavez Park, leaders from allied organizations and unions spoke to the importance of this legislation, which would greatly reduce inequities in health care, improve quality of care, and eliminate high medical costs – while also saving taxpayers money

“This vote by the Assembly Health Committee underscores the momentum of the CalCare movement. Californians recognize that our current health care system does not work, and we deserve better,” said Michelle Gutierrez Vo, RN, president of the California Nurses Association. “As nurses, we’ve seen far too many patients either forced to shoulder the insurmountable cost of health care or struggling to get quality health care simply because of where they live or work. CalCare would not only transform our current system into one that works for everyone, it would also save our state government and taxpayers money, and we’re thrilled that the Assembly Health Committee recognizes that this bill is a win-win for everyone.”

“Passage by the Assembly Health Committee is a significant accomplishment and a testament to the movement for single-payer healthcare. I greatly appreciate our bill sponsor, CNA, our broad support coalition, our co-authors, and Health Committee Chair Bonta along with Committee members voting in support. With continued collaboration, California has the opportunity to be a model for the nation on what a progressive alternative to our fragmented, profit-driven status quo can be,” said Assemblymember Kalra. “While there is still a long road ahead to healthcare reform, this major step brings us closer to affirming the fundamental right to healthcare — a right that should not ever be contingent on your job, your wealth, where you live, or where you were born.”

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