Press Release

Calif. Nurses Congratulate Gov.-Elect Brown & Sen. Boxer

Welcome Voter Revolt vs. Wall Street Agenda as National Model Women and nurses win significantly in California elections

The California Nurses Association today offered congratulations to Gov.-elect Jerry Brown and returning U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer for their impressive, double-digit election wins, and to California voters for providing a national alternative to the conservative, corporate-oriented economic program that won so many other races nationwide.

“We are very proud of Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer for standing up for visions of social and economic justice, and of Californians for seeing through the fools-gold promises that the path to economic recovery and job creation is through corporate tax breaks and shifting more wealth and resources to those who need it the least,” said CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.

Women, who voted overwhelmingly for both Brown and Boxer according to exit polls, including nurses, were significant winners in the California vote, said DeMoro. She noted how Whitman’s policies in particular would have been a big setback for women workers and families with her plans for further cuts in safety net programs and public protections after seven years of similar priorities under outgoing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

DeMoro praised CNA nurses who campaigned for months to expose the “arrogance and presumptions of two CEOs who thought their wealth and power alone entitled them to buy this state and our many activists who helped rally voters to a dream of rebuilding our state for the benefit of all California working people and families, not just for the fortunate few.”

“California has taken a national lead again and shown that all the money, and all the Wall Street backers and consultants in the world, can be stopped.

“With darkening storm clouds in Washington, we will have the opportunity in California to show a different approach, one where we can work to rekindle the dream of California through genuine reform on the basis of a healthier California, a green economy, and jobs at living wages,” DeMoro said.

“CNA members will continue to be active, promoting quality, guaranteed healthcare for all Californians, which also creates jobs throughout the economy, and to strengthen living standards and economic security for everyone.”