Nurses Say YES on Prop 61 - Drug Price Relief Act

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Nurses, activists, and Bernie Sanders say Yes on Proposition 61 during event in Los Angeles.

Prescription drug costs are one of the largest drivers of rising healthcare costs in California. Under Proposition 61, the state will finally be able to use its massive buying power to negotiate lower drug prices, saving taxpayers billions of dollars and expanding access to life-saving medications.
Prop 61 requires state agencies to pay no more than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) does for the same medications. With Prop 61, California can utilize its buying power, the way the DVA does, to receive 20%-40% discounts on drug purchases.
Big Pharma knows that if Prop 61 passes in California, other states will follow suit. That's why they have already spent over $80 million to stop it, primarily by using scare tactics and misleading advertising. Don't be fooled!

Support Prop 61!

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