Violence on the Job: Prevention and Advocacy for Nurses

Too many nurses have been hit, kicked, punched, spat on, threatened, and experienced violence on the job. When nurses are at risk for workplace violence, their patients are also at risk. This course is a deep dive into advocacy for workplace violence prevention. We will discuss facts, myths, and how to make a strong argument for workplace violence prevention. Come prepared to participate in conversation with other nurses advocating for safe patient care conditions!

Objectives: After this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss effective workplace violence prevention measures.
  2. Describe ways nurses can advocate for workplace violence prevention to protect nurse and patient safety.

Instructors: Rocelyn de Leon-Minch and/or Jane Thomason

1 hour for 1 CEU


September 27, 2021
1pm-2pm PT/4pm-5pm ET
September 29, 2021
11am-12pm PT/2pm-3pm ET
October 1, 2021
11am-12pm PT/2pm-3pm ET
November 4, 2021
10am-11am PT/1pm-2pm ET
November 5, 2021
1pm-2pm PT/4pm-5pm ET