Workers’ Compensation for Health Care Workers

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Watch our animated video explaining presumptive eligibility

For a few select professions, some workers do not have to prove that certain diseases and injuries were a result of their employment when they first file a workers’ compensation claim: these are called workers’ compensation presumptions. But, historically, these presumptions have not extended to nurses.

Workers’ compensation presumptions should be available for all frontline professions, including nurses.

California A.B. 1156 (Workers’ Compensation for Frontline Health Care Workers) would modernize outdated California laws by making it easier for registered nurses to access the workers’ compensation system, just like the law currently protects other frontline health care workers like EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers; all of which are male-dominated fields. This would ensure all frontline health care workers have access to the same workers’ compensation presumptions, and be a vital step in achieving economic and gender equality.

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