Statement in Solidarity with Registered Nurses on Strike at Allina Health in the United States

Global Nurses United, which unites nurses and other health care workers in 20 countries around the world, stands in solidarity with the registered nurses at Allina Health in the State of Minnesota in the United States in their courageous struggle with management to secure safer care for patients and just working conditions for themselves. These nurses, members of the Minnesota Nurses Association, an affiliate of National Nurses United, have been on strike since September 5. 

We note that the Allina Health nurses are confronting the same concerns faced by nurses around the world, including the demands for safe patient care staffing, adequate planning by the hospitals to ensure a safe environment to reduce workplace violence, and an end to hospital management attempts to cut health insurance coverage for nurses and their families. In taking on these issues, the Allina nurses are taking a stand for nurses everywhere. 

Underlying this struggle is the refusal by the US government to adopt a health care system where health care is a basic human right requiring nurses and other workers to bargain with employers to secure health insurance coverage.  We support the campaign by National Nurses United for a government-run health insurance (single-payer) system that covers everyone and that ensures a single high standard of therapeutic care.

We urge Allina Health management to return to the bargaining table to negotiate in good faith a new collective bargaining agreement that is fair and just for the nurses.

The nurses around the world will continue to stand in solidarity with the nurses of Allina Health in their ongoing struggle for justice.