Solidarity Messages from the U.S. to the U.K. - Nov. 30, 2011

See a photo slide show from U.S. cities pariticipatingin in solidarity rallies

US Nurses and Allies Stand by UK Nurses,
Public Workers in Rallies in Six US Cities

More than 2 million public sector workers staged a nationwide strike, closing schools and bringing councils and hospitals to a virtual standstill in the UK today. Deep resentment over proposed cuts to public sector pensions provoked the huge strike, the largest in a generation. The action – with 29 unions participating - included walkouts by UK Border Agency staff, probation officers, radiographers, librarians, job center workers, courts staff, social workers, refuse collectors, midwives, road sweepers, cleaners, school meals staff, paramedics, tax inspectors, customs officers, passport office staff, police civilian staff, driving test examiners, patent officers, and health and safety inspectors

Here, National Nurses United led solidarity protests at British government offices in six cities and protesters were reminded of parallel threats to Social Security. Read the full press release here.

We sent an email asking our members and friends to attend rallies and many of you did! We also asked that you post solidarity comments. Below are some we received. Thank you!


As a former Unison member and former NHS RGN, I stand in complete solidarity of  their actions to walk out on 30 November.  It is a deplorable action the British government has chosen to take and I will be supporting you. Hopefully the RCN will come to their senses and join you! Good Luck and I wish you Success in your struggle.
Cathy Hampton, RN
Washington, DC

We support our brothers and sisters at UNISON in their struggle to protect their retirement security from unjustified attacks by those responsible for the financial debacle.
Mark Langevin, Trade Union Organizer
Washington, DC


They break the promises they make to you as well as to all other healthcare workers. They don't care about the needy and poor that we care for knowing they need all the help we can give. But when those legislators and wealthy business people need us, they are all doe eyes and sad faces grimacing in the agony of their infirmity. Where they want the very best care possible which we give because we have promised to do the best regardless of who the patient is. Stay strong for the poor, the needy and the downtrodden, for they are truly deserving of the care we give them. Remember Our fight if for more than fair pay and benefits."
Guy Nichols, EMT
Jamaica, NY

Nurses, Workers of the World Unite!  Make those greedy corporations pay you the decent wages and benefits you deserve!
Amy Harlib
New York, NY


We stand together to assure that patients get the care they need.
Joan Verret, RN
Lakeland, FL

I stand with all nurses globally. Do not suspend our right to a secure retirement.
Diana Hatsis, Clinical Research Assoc.
Boynton Beach, FL

The nurses here in Orlando support you all the way. We are all fighting for the same cause.I wil be there we my other co-workers. We must stay united.
Denise Klein, RN
Kissimmee, FL

Lift up your voices in unity and you cannot fail. Stay strong. Know that over 170,000 nurses in the US support you.
Mary Fentress, RN
Pinellas Park, FL

My strong support for a NNU and United Kingdom. Was that NNU is doing a great job. I would like to someday get to participate in its activities.
Maria de Lourdes Torres, RN
Miami, FL

I have worked with many outstanding UK nurses over the past 37 years.
 I stand with you and support all efforts by nurses to protect patient care by protecting themselves.
Dr. John Silver Ph.d, RN, Educator
Plantation, FL

I stand by all my brothers and sisters in spirit today as we continue to fight for sane working conditions and liveable wages and benefits.
Pamela Smith, RN
Port Charlotte, FL


I honor your activism and compassion and will be with you in spirit. Nurses united will never be defeated!
Connie Hawley-Lowe, RN
Makanda, IL

Dawn Peckler, RN
Chicago, IL

Stand up for your rights. We're with you.
Barbara Hardin, RN
Cicero, IL

I support the National Nurses United, Occupy Wall Street, and all of the 99% people like me!
Paul Haider, Psychologist
Chicago, IL 

If the workers of the world do not stand together, the 1% will use them against each other to further their greedy purposes.  NurseGloria
Gloria Maloney, RN
Roscoe, IL


Keep up the struggle for fair and descent working conditions. When we struggle together, the fairness spreads. Its like lighting a fuse, it soon spreads and expands to many worldwide.
Abigail Howes, Coordination of Care Aide
Berkley, MA    

Thank you nurses and workers in the UK for refusing to accept responsibility for what the banks and financial "wizards" did to our economy. We will take the economy back! In solidarity.
Rosemary Kean, RN, CS
Boston, MA

Protect the worker rights of nurses. Society needs good nurses. Tax the tax cheats and corporations that do not pay their fair share.
Kathleen Hursen, Retired RN
Framingham, MA


Solidarity from the US, keep up the good fight, this is a global movement now!!  We must all rise up, and fight against those who through fraud and corruption are stealing from the citizens around the world their rights to a decent living, and life.
Julia Williams, RN
Fraser, MI

To All of My British Colleagues, Thank you I am in solidarity with you! You are fighting for nurses and patients the world over.
Margaret Kingsbury, RN (49 years)
Lansing, MI

I stand with you in mind and spirit!  We must stand up for what is right.
Theresa Premo-Peaphon, RN
Lansing, MI


Support sent your way!
Sharon Pollard, RN
Euclid, OH


We are on your side 100%
Linda Kendrick, RN
Sugar Land, TX


Go Nurses! What an amazing force you can be when we work together.  This Canadian nurse is behind you 100%.
Suzanne Hrynyk, RN
Winnipeg, Manitoba


We will keep our "Oil Lamps Burning For You"
Suzanne Anderson, RN
San Jose, CA

I stand with you in spirit. I am unable to attend a rally. As a Registered Nurse for the past 43 years, and as a Human Being on this planet, we all deserve respect. I myself face living in poverty at retirement. Can't we all support each other? I think we can. Keep up the fight!
Joan McCusker, RN (43 years)
Livermore, CA

As an AFT union member and teacher myself, I understand that the same wealthy elite are trying to steal your retiree pensions the way they are trying to steal from me.  When you stand up to those  thieves, you stand for me and my family as well as for your own.  Thanks for all you will do tomorrow to raise awareness and to FIGHT BACK against losses that will make us work until we die.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jackie Goldberg, Faculty Adviser, Teacher Education Programs    
Los Angeles, CA   

You all are an important assets to our communities and our families we are the 99%. Thank you for speaking out and standing up for what's right for humanity.
Betty Buchanan
Bakersfield, CA

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Elizabeth Castillo, RN
Lakewood, CA  

Keep up the good work and Patient Care and eventually our words will be heard throughout the world.In support of my UK brothers and Sisters in SOLIDARITY WE STAND!
Rick Solinger ER Nurse
Santa Cruz, CA

We are coming to San Francisco to march in support of our sisters!
Joan Silva, RN
Atascadero, CA

Si Se Puede!
Michael Misquez, Retired
Pico Rivera, CA

We stand with you professionally, personally and as union brothers and sisters. We are Universal Nurses United.
Elizabeth Pataki, Retired RN
Sacramento, CA

I am a Public Sector Nurse. We Stand with you! The day has come for International Solidarity to protect Public services and all workers.
Maureen    Dugan, RN
San Francisco, CA

Fellow nurses stay strong, stand up for your rights! We who spend years of our lives caring for others often at the expense of our own bodies and health deserve to retire with
dignity and financial security. Nurses in the US understand your message and support you in your struggle. Licensed since 1982. Hoping to retire someday!
Ann Magner-Danz, RN
Pacifca, CA

All nurses stand with you as we stand for our communities and patients.
Richard Sandness, RN
El Dorado Hills, CA

I am a retired RN and I understand in "real time" the importance of retirement security at the end of your life.  I am in solidarity with you as you fight back against the forces of injustice that working against you.
Victoria Bermudez, Retired RN
Carmichael, CA

Stay together and WIN!
Lonnie Kidd, RN
San Francisco, CA

Stand strong nurses. All of us American nurses are pulling for you!
Laurie Trent, RN
Plumas Lake, CA

Thank you NNU for showing support for nurses all across the world.
Melanie Tang, RN
Daly city, CA

I am a member of CNA. I stand behind you 100 % and wish I could be there to stand beside you!  It is criminal what they are trying to do.  You give so much and expect so little and even that they want to take away!  Are we not entitled to a pension to be able to live after retirement like the big CEO's who make millions each year and have more benefits and retirement, enough to take are of several people when they retire!  Let's see some benefits taken away from them!  Hang in there we will fight the fight with you.
Elizabeth Malmendier, RN
Folsom, CA

YES! I support the force.
Marie Di Peri, RN
Beverly Hills, CA

A RN in Moreno Valley supports YOU.
Monica Medice, RN
Moreno Valley, CA

I stand united with you in spirit. May you continue to fight for the basic needs we all deserve. Don't give up!
Alexis Cooper, RN
Carson, CA

I stand in solidarity with my fellow nurses and workers in Britain.
Vicki Gutierrez, RN
Irvine, CA

I am a retired professor and public health worker and I am in solidarity with you.  If my state pension, which I paid into, were to be reduced I would be in serious financial trouble.  We face the same problems worldwide, and I want to thank you for your resistance.  It helps all workers.  Stay strong!  And win!
Ayesha Gill, Retired
Oakland, CA