Providence Memorial RNs, Supporters Hold Protest

To draw attention to issues that would help ensure safe patient care, registered nurses at Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus held a protest on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

More than 30 Providence RNs came out to rally and leaflet at the protest, educating the public about staffing and equipment needs. Joining them at the rally were RNs from Las Palmas, Del Sol, Sierra and El Paso Children’s Hospital, as well as Senator Jose Rodriguez’s district chief of staff.

The nurses—who held colorful balloons to help draw attention to the issues—passed out 300 flyers and sent multiple sets of balloons into the hospital with children who had spent time talking with RNs.

“Our nurses are standing together to let the community know about how consistent staffing levels at the hospital and proper stocking of supplies are necessary to uphold top quality care for patients,” said Sandy Wakefield, RN. “Right now, these issues need to be addressed, and as patient advocates, we know it’s part of our job to speak up.”