Please Help California Nurses Coronate Queen Meg

by National Nurses Movement

Mon Apr 26, 2010 at 03:47:19 PM PST

You may have seen the good news out of California this weekend— Queen Meg made Her regal debut before crowds of adoring Californians.  

Even better, an initiative to formally crown Queen Meg of California was formally filed on Friday by representatives of the California Nurses Association, accompanying Queen Meg herself to the state house.

The popular demand to crown Queen Meg of California have beeninspired by the efforts of the Whitman for Governor campaign to overwhelm democracy with an expected $150 million in television advertising.  As Queen Meg’s loyal subjects like to chant, "We can’t afford our democracy, so why not try a monarchy."

Will you help the nurses crown Queen Meg?  Please learn more below, and visit her facebook page here.

Let’s let the Associated Press/Washington Post set the scene:

Outside the exclusive Sutter Club near the state Capitol, where the luncheon was held, an actress from Los Angeles who was recruited to play "Queen Meg" wore a red velvet crown, emerged in royal costume from a Rolls Royce and handed out Monopoly money.

"California can no longer afford democracy, but I can afford California," she said, waving a wand as she stood in the club's entryway.
Many of the protesters wore blond wigs similar to Whitman's hair style and held signs designed to look like Whitman's campaign posters but showing piles of money and a crown: "Queen Meg: Rich enough to rule! 2010," read one.

Another criticized her plan to cut the state work force by 40,000 employees.

Shirley Toy, 51, a nurse who works at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, said she wasn't sure whether she would be one of those workers. Toy said she has been turned off by Whitman's spending so far in the campaign, which started months ago and has given her a constant presence on television.

The day chronicled began with Queen Meg stepping from her Rolls Royce to attend a fundraiser thrown for her by Mitt Romney, John McCain and Meg Shultz.  Here you see her retainer Lord Romney, carrying the initiative to formalize her coronation.


The initiative reads:

In honor of her $150 million campaign treasury, the people of California do hereby crown Meg Whitman as Queen Meg of California.  Her husband Griffith Harsh IV is crowned Prince Griffith of Palo Alto, and the Whitman-Harsh royal motto shall be 'Healthcare for the nobility, Education for the few, Prisons for all.'"

Quite rudely, the Republicans inside the fundraiser refused to let Queen Meg attend!  Even though the news media was clearly there to see Her.

As were the California Nurses who have dedicated themselves to this parallel, satire campaign

Shocked by this treatment, Queen Meg went to the one place she felt at home: the State Capitol

Really—she’s a natural, no?

Then it was on to Redwood City.  Exicted press accounts followed the details of the Queen’s royal journey: San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, and local television outlets

Fresh from filing her initiative, Queen Meg kicked off the campaign outside an exclusive Redwood City fundraiser, featuring many of the dead-enders who had already been travelling around with the pretender Meg Whitman.  Her she stands with two co-Presidents of the CA Nurses Association preparing to speak.

Accompanied by 75 or so nurses, Queen Meg shouldered her way into the Republican fundraiser, and called upon the news media to support her campaign.


Please watch this space for more updates as we make Meg the Queen!