Nurses Stand up for Public Health at STAND-LA Community Forum on Oil Extraction

Tveen Kirkpatrick, RN and Guss Mata, RN
Tveen Kirkpatrick, RN and Guss Mata, RN

On July 12, Tveen Kirkpatrick, RN, from Keck Hospital, University of Southern California, and Guss Mata, RN, of Kaiser Sunset attended the STAND-LA community forum. STAND-LA is an environmental activist group working with community, legislation and healthcare professionals to protect those at the front line of urban oil extraction—especially critical given that Los Angeles County has the largest urban oil field in the country.  
This week marks one year since STAND-LA has been working to enact a 2,500 foot health and safety buffer around all oil extraction activities, calling on the city of Los Angeles for support. Members of the city council, union workers, healthcare professionals and community members were in attendance at the July 12 event.  Thanks to our heroic nurses for standing up for public health, at the bedside and beyond!

Map depicting active oil wells in LA county and their relationship to surrounding population.