Michigan Nurses Support Proposal 2

Proposal 2 would permanently protect collective bargaining rights for all Michigan workers, now and in the future. Making Michigan a state that guarantees workers the basic right to have a voice in the workplace is the most important issue of our time.

Nurses know how important collective bargaining is to having fair wages, good benefits, safe workplaces and a voice o­­n the job. This protection is what enables nurses to fight for safe staffing and fulfill our roles as patient advocates.

While the “Protect Our Jobs” proposal protects nurses, teachers, firefighters and police officers, it helps all Michigan workers and residents.

  •     It gives all workers a voice so they can protect their jobs, wages and benefits and safety on the job. Without these protections, CEOs can fire workers for no reason, cut wages, pensions and health care, and outsource jobs to China and Mexico.
  •     It protects the middle class – collective bargaining created the middle class right here in Michigan and is the key to keeping it from disappearing.
  •     It gives workers power to balance out Lansing politicians who are passing one anti-worker law after another and corporate CEOs who care only about their profits.
  •     It boosts our economy by making sure middle class families can support small businesses that create jobs.

MNA members got a great response as they gathered signatures from around the state to make sure voters – not Lansing politicians – can decide whether workers have the right to collectively bargain with their employers.

Visit the Michigan Nurses Association website to get involved.

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