Help RNs Hold St. Joseph Health System CEO Accountable For Change

The registered nurses of St. Joseph Health System (SJH) have recently released a new report, “Falling From Grace,” on ethical and patient care concerns at SJH hospitals. A Catholic network of hospitals, established in 1920 by nuns with a mission to heal the sick and needy, SJH has grown into a wealthy corporation with billions in assets, operated by lavishly compensated executives. (According to the most recent SJH tax returns, CEO Deborah Proctor earns $2.05 million per year.) The SJH nurses, whose collective voices are reflected in this new report describe a very different health system today—one that puts patients and nurses at risk.

As reflected in the report, SJH has:

  • Reaped millions in tax subsidies from California taxpayers, while providing among the lowest amount of charity care of any Catholic system;
  • Reduced patient access to registered nurses, other caregivers, and support staff, leading to unsafe staffing levels and delays in care;
  • Invested patient care and tax subsidized funds into for-profit companies, including hedge funds in the Cayman Islands;
  • Launched a system-wide campaign to illegally restrict the rights of its RNs to organize a union to advocate for improved treatment of patients and RNs.

Download the report at:

Please help nurses tell SJH to put patients above profits!
Take a moment to send an email to CEO Deborah Proctor expressing your concerns.