Executive Director, RoseAnn DeMoro Speaks on Sanders' call to Organized Labor

We are truly in an amazing and transformative time.  It’s not a fantasy, it will last for years to come if we are sincerely committed to the change that this campaign, our campaign, with Bernie represents.
National Nurses United so proudly endorsed Bernie the first minute that we could.  We know and trust who Bernie is.  He has stood for decades on Medicare for All and so many other critical policies to help working people.  Each of us knows the heartbreak of losing someone to illness that was preventable or seeing jobs and communities disappear just for greed.  Now, our right to have a union, collective bargaining itself, is up for grabs with right to work laws and union elimination on the agenda in the race for the presidency.  We need someone who won’t give us anymore false promises.  We need a warrior in the White House.  Bernie Sanders is that warrior.
We so deeply appreciate Senator Sanders taking this time out of his life to speak for all of us.  But we must work as hard as he is, to change our country, to protect working people.   Nurses continuously ask in awe if we can really make this happen. We can, because we must. But that can only happen from hard work.  The established political class attached to Wall Street has nothing but money.  But we genuinely have the people.  It really is that simple and it's exciting.
I ask you to imagine a world where Bernie Sanders leads this country and our words are echoed through the halls of congress… our words, our passions, our beliefs.  I’m asking nurses, bus drivers, everyone if you are with Bernie, with me, please press 1 now on your phone to say that “yes,” Bernie can count on you to work on this campaign.  Press 1 to say that “we’ll be there for Bernie,” as he continues this unbelievable battle for all of us.  Pushing 1 means you are willing to volunteer to work in your community or union. Not just support but volunteer.
Thank you so much.  And thank you Bernie from all of us…  Remember to press 1 for a political revolution!