Everybody likes Robin Hood, right?

Well, almost everybody – weeks after granting NNU a permit for a march to and rally at Daley Plaza,  the city of Chicago now wants to change our march route and move the rally from Daley Plaza to Petrillo band shell at Butler Field. Either NNU agrees, or else.

National Nurses United called the event to present an innovative solution to the economic crisis and austerity measures plaguing the G-8 countries: a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street financial speculation to raise critically needed funds to heal the U.S. and global economies.

The G-8 meeting has been re-located 700 miles away so what’s all the fuss? Losing that meeting and the Olympics, and now quarantining the nurses’ rally next to Lake Michigan, reveals a real leadership vacuum, with the whole world watching. As NNU Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro said to the Chicago media: “With this blatant effort to stifle dissent, Mayor Emanuel is exposing the city and our country to international ridicule and embarrassment. Is it really worth doing so just to please the Chicago Board of Trade, Mercantile Exchange and other Wall Street interests?”

 We are mounting a legal challenge to the City of Chicago’s illegitimate ultimatum.

Regardless, the event goes on. In the spirit of Robin Hood, we'll stage a festive march starting at the Sheraton Downtown at 11am and holding a creative rally at noon. Special events include a skit showing how the G-8 really conducts their meeting, and we’ll hear from local organizations about how a Robin Hood Tax would aid their communities. International guests from G-8 countries will be joining the protest. We’ll conclude with songs from The Nightwatchman, Tom Morello

No matter what, nurses and allies will be seen and heard, declaring it is time for a tax on Wall Street, The Robin Hood Tax – not a tax on the people, a tax for the people.  Join us!