Enloe Medical Center RN's Vote Strongly in Favor of New Contract

Registered Nurses at Enloe Medical Center
Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify New Pact 

CHICO—Registered nurses at Enloe Medical Center in Chico have overwhelmingly approved a new three year contract covering 860 RNs affiliated with the California Nurses Association.
RNs welcome the new agreement which provides more time for nurses to address patient care concerns, as well as economic gains that promote the retention of experienced nurses.

At a time some hospitals are demanding reductions in nurses’ workplace and economic standards and patient care protections, the new contract retains the protections Enloe RNs have won over a number of years.
"The new contract is fair and reasonable and this supports the retention of experienced nurses, which in turn promotes the standard of high quality patient care held at Enloe,” said Pamela Stowe, RN, a 13-veteran at the hospital. 

Contract highlights include:

  • More paid time for Professional Performance Committee to address patient care issues. This committee of nurses meets with management to advocate for patients, such as safe staffing and other patient care issues.​
  • Improved wages. A 1.5 percent bonus for all RNs upon ratification of the agreement, additional across the board increases of 3.75 percent over the next two years, and additional increases for the most long term RNs and those who work night shifts which nurses say will help the hospital retain experienced nurses for Chico area residents.
  • New successor protections. In the event of an ownership change, contract provisions will stay intact, ensuring RN retention and continuity of care to the community.

​The agreement runs through January, 2018.