The Dishonor Roll: The List of Senators Who Voted for Fast Track

The House of Shame

For a Flawed Trade Deal that Benefits Pharmaceutical Conglomerates, Polluters and Wall Street

Here's a list of U.S. Senators who voted to authorize "fast track" on global trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that has been written by corporate lobbyists and negotiated in secret. By voting for fast track, the Senators, and members of the House of Representatives before them, have abandoned their ability to amend the TPP and similar trade deals, and even to fully discuss its terms. 


Feinstein, Dianne


Bennet, Michael


Carper, Thomas


Coons, Chris


Nelson, Bill


McCaskill, Claire


Shaheen, Jeanne


Heitkamp, Heidi


Wyden, Ron


Kaine, Timothy


Warner, Mark


Cantwell, Maria


Murray, Patty



Murkowski, Lisa


Sullivan, Dan


Flake, Jeff


McCain, John


Boozman, John


Cotton, Tom


Gardner, Cory


Rubio, Marco


Isakson, John


Perdue, David


Crapo, Michael


Risch, James


Kirk, Mark


Coats, Daniel


Ernst, Joni


Grassley, Chuck


Moran, Jerry


Roberts, Pat


McConnell, Mitch


Cassidy, Bill


Vitter, David


Cochran, Thad


Wicker, Roger


Blunt, Roy


Daines, Steve


Fischer, Deb


Sasse, Benjamin


Heller, Dean


Ayotte, Kelly


Burr, Richard


Tillis, Thom


Hoeven, John


Portman, Rob


Inhofe, Jim


Lankford, James


Toomey, Pat


Graham, Lindsey


Scott, Tim


Rounds, Mike


Thune, John


Alexander, Lamar


Cornyn, John


Hatch, Orrin


Capito, Shelley


Johnson, Ron


Barrasso, John


Enzi, Michael