18,000 Kaiser Nurses Begin Bargaining by Joining Forces With Patients Across California

From the first cry of a newborn child, to the last breath of a dying patient, there’s a constant foundation on which Kaiser patients can always rely: Kaiser nurses. Nurses are the hand-holding, life-saving thread woven throughout their patients' entire healthcare experience.

This summer, 18,000 Kaiser nurses are bargaining a contract that protects their ability to provide care in a safe environment, with enough time and resources to give every patient the focus they need and deserve. To that end, Kaiser registered nurses and nurse practitioners have been out talking with patients at hospitals across California. On July 28, for example, nurses passed out thousands of leaflets at over 20 medical centers, strengthening a united coalition of nurses and patients dedicated to:

  • Adding more registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and caregivers.
  • Reducing wait times for appointments, advice calls, and procedures.
  • Protecting patients from unsafe discharges and downgrades in care.

“Our priority is to really make Kaiser right for our patients,” said Kaiser RN Michelle Vo. “Nurses want to come in each day and deliver the highest-quality care that Kaiser promises to its members.”

“Our patients deserve the best care and the safest care. It’s through our nurse advocacy that we will be able to achieve that,” said Zenei Cortez, RN. “I want the community to know that we are fighting for them because if we stand with the needs of our community, then we have a healthier community.”

Kaiser nurses stand for you! Want to join the movement to support California’s everyday healthcare heroes? I want to stand with Kaiser nurses!

Check out these photos and video of Kaiser nurses talking with patients and explaining the heart of what they do every day.