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Nurses Launch Billboards Exposing CHS:

Listen to Your Local Nurses! Monopoly Medicine is Bad for Your Health

The registered nurses of National Nurses Organizing Committee have put up billboards in California, Ohio, and West Virginia as part of our national campaign to educate the public about Community Health Systems, one of the country’s largest hospital corporations. —NNOC / CNA, 08/22/13 More »


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Nurses Launch Billboards Exposing CHS More »

NNOC Press Releases

With Congress Set to Green Light Keystone XL Pipeline, Nurses Urge President to Reject KXL

With Congress Set to Green Light Keystone XL Pipeline, Nurses Urge President to Reject KXL

Citing continuing concerns about the threat to public health, National Nurses United today urged the Obama Administration to formally reject the permit for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, not just rely on a possible veto of legislation expected to pass in the new Congress. —National Nurses United, 01/06/15 More »


Nurses strike is part of larger labor push

Nurses strike is part of larger labor push

A strike during the past two days by 18,000 nurses at Kaiser Permanente facilities in northern and central California, including three major Sacramento-area hospitals, was the latest salvo by a powerful union that says it is intent on improving the lot of nurses nationwide. —Hudson Sangree and Bill Lindelof, The Sacramento Bee, 11/13/14 More »


Nurses go on strike for proper gear, training to protect them against Ebola

Nurses go on strike for proper gear, training to protect them against Ebola

It doesn’t seem like nurses are asking for too much as fears escalate over the spread of Ebola. They’re concerned about safety — not just for themselves but for their patients and for the public. But hospital management hasn’t responded. Neither has Congress nor the president. —Diana Reese, The Washington Post, 11/10/14 More »

About NNOC

The National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC) is a national union and professional organization for Registered Nurses, Advance Practice Nurses, and RN organizations who want to pursue a more powerful agenda of advocacy, promoting the interests of patients, direct care nurses, and RN professional practice. NNOC is proud to be an affiliate member of National Nurses United, organizing in Florida, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

NNOC was founded by the California Nurses Association in the spring of 2004 in response to an overwhelming demand by direct-care nurses for a national vehicle to address the crisis faced by RNs, and to achieve improvements modeled on CNA's accomplishments. Learn more about CNA's successes here.

Through the NNOC, RN organizations and non-organized RNs are able to work together to achieve dramatic progress for direct care nurses and patients in their facilities, their communities, their states, and at the national level. These are fundamental elements of the NNOC founding program:

  • Direct-Care Nurse Control
  • Collective Bargaining and Effective Professional Representation
  • A Direct-Care Nurse Voice in the Legislature and Regulatory Arenas
  • Nursing Practice and Collective Patient Advocacy
  • Building RN Power Through New Organizing
  • A National Network of Direct-Care RNs, Supported by CNA's Experience and Expertise

To learn more details about these elements, click here.

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