Why Caregiver and Healthcare Employees want CHEU

The Caregivers Union is an independent union formed in 2001 by hospital employees to win strong union representation, better benefits and improved conditions for employees and patients. Caregivers Union is an affiliate of the National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC/CNA).

Kindred San Gabriel Valley Healthcare Workers Celebrate Landslide Victory With CHEU

Hospital workers at Kindred Hospital-San Gabriel by over 90% percent to unionize with the Caregivers and Healthcare Employees Union (CHEU), an affiliate of the California Nurses Association.

RNs and Techs United!

Principles and Mission:

  • Unity and solidarity in representation, bargaining, and political defense of public healthcare
  • Member involvement
  • Independence from management
  • Passionate advocacy for healthcare justice

Caregivers and Healthcare Employees’ Union Officers

  • President: Melroy Green
  • Vice President: Pacita Balcom
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Joseph Robinson

Executive Board Members At Large:

  • Sue Bray
  • Herminia Filares
  • Rosario Hernandez

Facility Executive Board Representatives:

  • Alta Bates Summit: Manjit Plahey
  • Palomar-Pomerado: Maria Perez
  • San Gabriel: Mary Sanchez

CHEU Facilities and Updates:

CHEU - Alta Bates Summit Medical Center:

    CHEU - Glendale Memorial:

      CHEU - Kindred Hospital-Baldwin Park:

      CHEU - Kindred San Gabriel Valley:

      CHEU - Childrens Hospital Oakland:

      CHEU - Palomar:

      CHEU - San Gabriel Valley Medical Center: