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Reports on the State of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research by the Institute for Health & Socio-Economic Policy (IHSP)

pdf Game of Patents - How the US Government and Big Pharma Protect Pharmaceutical Profits

To maintain control of the drug markets, and boost the enormous profits for shareholders, the pharmaceutical industry has become dependent on government-protected monopolies to maintain control of drugs and their patents. New patents for existing drugs are acquired through minor modifications of the original drug formula and paying off other manufacturers to delay the release of generic versions, driving up patient costs for lifesaving medications. —National Nurses United / IHSP, 09/30/16

pdf Global Pill-Age: Pharma Makes a Killing

The result of sky high drug prices is enormous sales for the drug companies. From these sales, drug companies are seeing incredible profits. The top 50 most profitable drug companies made over $1.6 trillion dollars in the last 20 years. Their profit margins are among the highest of any sector, surpassed only by the banks and tobacco. These profits, rather than being used for societal good, are instead being funneled through dividends to wealthy shareholders, most being Wall Street investment firms. —National Nurses United / IHSP, 09/27/16

pdf Tough Pill to Swallow – The High Price of Prescription Drugs in the US

Prescription drug costs are one of the largest drivers of rising healthcare costs in California. Under Proposition 61, the state will finally be able to use its massive buying power to negotiate lower drug prices, saving taxpayers billions of dollars and expanding access to life-saving medications. —National Nurses United / IHSP, 09/16/16

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