Press Release

Sutter Roseville, Auburn Faith RNs Approve New Contract

For Immediate Release
April 15, 2011
Protect Benefits, Win Gains in Patient Care
Registered nurses at Sutter Health hospitals in Roseville and Auburn have overwhelmingly voted to ratify new three year agreements that provide for important gains in patient protections, and compensation, while protecting the nurses’ health coverage and retirement security, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today.
The new collective bargaining agreement affects some 850 RNs at Sutter Roseville Medical Center and 250 at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital.
A central component for nurses at both hospitals was assuring no reductions in healthcare benefits or pensions at a time when many employers are attempting to force through cuts in coverage and retirement security.
Additionally, the RNs won improvements in patient care measures and compensation that the RNs say will enhance patient safety and strengthen retention of experienced RNs and recruitment of new nurses at the hospitals.
“We are gratified to make important progress in areas that will enhance protections for our patients, as well as improve standards for the nurses who have dedicated their lives to this community and our patients. This is a big step forward,” said Andrea Seils, a labor and delivery RN at Sutter Roseville.
“This agreement provides greater assurance for nurses that our patients will have access to safe, quality nursing care at all times. We are very pleased,” said Auburn Faith RN Cynthia Oliveira.
At both hospitals, the new pact strengthens safe staffing. It says that nurses can not be cancelled from scheduled shifts when patient acuity (the severity of illness of individual patients) requires staffing beyond the minimum safe staffing ratios of nurses to patients mandated by state law.
At Roseville, the agreement sets improved standards for patient handling to protect patients from injuries from accidents and falls and reduce back and other musculoskeletal injuries, a leading cause of disability for nurses who endure more back injuries than any other profession.
The new lift policy nurses’ professional clinical judgment, and provides access to lift devices and training in order to safely move patients.
Another patient safety measure is the establishment of language on the introduction of new technology at the hospital, a common feature in many CNA contracts, that new technology should be used to enhance nursing skills and professional judgment, not to displace nurses.
On pay, all Roseville all RNs will receive an immediate 5 percent pay increase, and an additional 14 percent over the life of the three year agreement. Auburn Faith RNs will earn a 3 percent increase immediately, plus another 14 percent over the duration of the agreement. Long-term RNs at both hospitals will be eligible for additional compensation based on years of service.