Press Release

Singh Earns Endorsement from Michigan Nurses Association for 69th House District

Longtime East Lansing advocate supports workers, public services

OKEMOS– The Michigan Nurses Association has endorsed Sam Singh for Michigan’s 69th House District, noting his long record of public service in the community and his advocacy of nonprofits and charities.

“Sam Singh has distinguished himself as a dynamic leader who is motivated by one desire: to make the world around him better,” said John Karebian, executive director of the Michigan Nurses Association. “Every day, our nurses see the human cost of a state government that puts the profits of corporations above the needs of working families. Sam Singh will work to heal our patients and communities by re-investing in the priorities that matter: jobs at living wages, safe communities, equal access to high-quality education and health care for all.”

Singh, a former East Lansing mayor, has worked for nonprofits for most of his career. He has been an active volunteer and community leader, going back to his days as a Michigan State University student.

“I have lived in East Lansing for more than 30 years, and I can say that Sam Singh is the leader we need at the Capitol to keep us moving forward,” said Deb Nault, a registered nurse who teaches at Michigan State University and lives in the 69th House District.  “Nurses advocate for all our patients – not just those with money – and that’s how Sam works as well. Sam will stand up for working families and those who don’t have a voice, and he’ll bring people together to get things done.”

The Michigan Nurses Association supports candidates who are committed to safe patient care, including legislation establishing minimum nurse-patient ratios; comprehensive solutions to the nursing shortage; worker protections, including collective bargaining rights; and the Main Street Contract for the American People, which calls on our elected leaders to start putting working families first and focus on the right priorities to rebuild our communities – including jobs for living wages; equal access to quality education; guaranteed health care; and a just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.


The Michigan Nurses Association represents more than 10,000 registered nurses statewide, advocating for them and their patients.