Press Release

New Agreement Moves MNA Nurses, Marquette General Forward

Contract protects nurses’ ability to focus on safe, quality care

MARQUETTE – The Michigan Nurses Association and Marquette General Hospital recently finalized an agreement that enables the hospital’s 457 registered nurses to keep focusing on providing safe, quality care for patients at the region’s fastest-growing and most prominent medical facility.

“I’m very proud of how our nurses stuck together to advocate for ourselves and our patients,” said Carolyn Hietamaki, RN, a wound care nurse at MGH and president of the Marquette General Hospital RN Staff Council. “Our voice in the workplace is respected because we are nurses but also because we are active members of a strong union. The nurses are pleased that now we can focus on collaborating with the hospital to grow and serve our community even better.”

The agreement modifies a contract that was set to expire next month. By standing strong together, the MGH nurses, who are members of the Michigan Nurses Association, were able to prevent the employer from eroding their contract that provides the most comprehensive wage and benefit package in the region.

The package includes annual wage increases, controlled health insurance costs, improved scheduling language and new language to address fatigue among nurses.

The agreement provides stability for both the nurses and the hospital for the next four years and will help MGH retain high-quality nurses.

“Our nurses’ commitment to safe, quality patient care in their communities never wavers,” said John Karebian, executive director of the Michigan Nurses Association. “The Michigan Nurses Association backs our nurses everywhere and every way as they advocate for themselves and their patients. I’m pleased we could reach an agreement with Marquette General Hospital that supports our nurses’ advocacy, protects the quality of patient care and helps the hospital continue to grow.”


The Michigan Nurses Association is the state’s largest and most effective union and professional association for registered nurses, representing nearly 11,000 RNs statewide and advocating for them and their patients.