Press Release

MSNA/NNU Nurses Win Staffing, Raises and No Mandatory Overtime at Calais Regional Hospital

Nurses represented by the Maine State Nurses Association/National Nurses United have won a two year contract that includes wage increase, provisions for safe staffing and language that prohibits the employer from forcing employees to work beyond their shift or regular schedule. Highlights of the contract include;

  • Safe staffing provisions including increased core staffing in the Emergency Department, no more five Med/Surg patients to one nurse, and no more than two specialty care patients will be assigned to one nurse.
  • Nurses will receive a 4% across the board increase over the two year contact in addition to step increases that range from 4.5% to 2%. An additional step was won as well as increases in the night differential and for the clinical ladder.
  • No mandatory overtime. The hospital can no longer require nurses to work past their shifts or force them to work shifts involuntarily for which they were not scheduled for.
  • Improved control for nurses over their schedules and use of earned time.

“This new agreement shows the dedication and insistence on safe staffing at Calais Regional Hospital. This agreement is an inspiration to all nurses working at hospitals across the state of Maine. We hope at MSNA/NNU to win no a ban on mandatory overtime in all of our contracts was well as at the Statehouse.” Cokie Giles, President of MSNA, RN.

The new contract was overwhelming ratified.