Press Release

Michigan Nurses Association Welcomes New Security Measures at Sparrow Hospital

The following statement is from Jeff Breslin, a registered nurse at Sparrow Hospital and president of the Michigan Nurses Association:   

        “We’re glad to see Sparrow officials taking steps to protect staff and patients. Nurses and other healthcare professionals should not have to worry about being attacked while helping others, yet far too often they experience violence on the job. These matters must be taken seriously. The Michigan Nurses Association also continues to push for state legislation that strengthens penalties against those who assault healthcare workers. Everything possible should be done to ensure that our hospitals are safe for all health care professionals and every patient we take care of.”


            Sparrow Hospital in Lansing announced Friday that it plans to improve campus security, starting with the Emergency Department.

            Actions include more training to improve intervention techniques for security, emergency department and other staff; having two guards on staff at all times at the emergency department; and using metal detectors to screen those entering it.

            In May, a patient attacked a physician in Sparrow’s emergency department, stabbing him in the neck with a knife.

            MNA supports Senate Bills 642 and 643, sponsored by Senators Rick Jones and Roger Kahn respectively, which protect healthcare professionals by increasing penalties against those who assault them while they are performing their duties. The bills have passed the Senate and await action in the House.