Press Release

Lack of courage, conviction from Republican Senators shameful for Michigan’s needy

LANSING – Members of the Michigan Nurses Association are livid that over 400,000 of Michigan’s neediest citizens, the majority of which are women and children, will be left without access to health care as a result of the Senate’s refusal to pass the Medicaid expansion program offered as part of the federal Affordable Care Act.

“This is callous, heartless behavior,” said Jeff Breslin, RN, MNA president. “From the start of the discussions in the Senate, it’s been shown over and over that money and personal ambitions are clearly taking precedent over a healthier Michigan. When vacations and re-election campaigns and coercion from well-moneyed special interests are controlling how our elected legislators represent the people that voted them into office, it’s a bleak future for our state.”

Had the Medicaid expansion plan passed, over 400,000 Michigan citizens would have had access to Medicaid through a program that would have been fully funded by the federal government until 2017. In addition, 18,000 new jobs would have been created and hospitals could remain financially solvent and avoid layoffs. By not passing Medicaid expansion, thousands will continue to go without the care they need and Michigan stands to lose $2.1 billion in economic activity.

“The blame for this travesty lies within the Governor’s office,” said John Karebian, MNA Executive Director. “Snyder’s inability to reign in the extremists in his own party who are more worried about where their next campaign check is coming from is pathetic. It’s time for these legislators to be held accountable for their shameful behavior. If they can’t put Michigan’s citizens before their own priorities, then they should be voted out of office.”

Our nurses will lead the effort to hold politicians accountable for placing our most vulnerable patients hostage,” said Karebian. “We will not let this attack go unanswered. It’s high time our legislators start answering to the people and not their friends with the large checkbooks. Advocating for our patients means advocating for legislators who will put their constituents’ health first.”