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Forum TONIGHT-Hayward Community Steps up Fight to Keep Vital Kaiser Pediatrics Unit in Hayward Open

HAYWARD—A public forum to fight the closure of the hospital pediatric unit at Kaiser’s facility in Hayward will be held this evening, following a spirited press conference held Thursday by nurses, elected officials, parents, and their children.
Speaking in strong support of keeping the unit open yesterday were Senator Ellen Corbett; Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski; Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle; John Green, a local parent and teacher; and veteran pediatrics RN Kristine Richter.
Kaiser announced it will close the unit Nov. 17. The unit serves more than 1,800 families a year, and more than 100,000 children in the tri-city area receive healthcare from Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser is building a nearby hospital in San Leandro slated to replace much of the Hayward facility, yet has made no plans to include an inpatient pediatrics unit.
Kaiser collects more than $1.2 billion dollars in premiums from families in Southern Alameda County and yet is cutting the ability of families to have nearby hospitalization for their children.

When:             Friday, Oct. 25—6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
Where:            Eden Mansion by Kaiser Hayward, 2451 W. Tennyson Road, Hayward

“The families who live in southern Alameda County would rather have their children taken care of in their own community. What we are asking for is pretty simple: A few beds dedicated to children, so when sick kids are admitted they can be taken down the hall, not forced to commute on crowded freeways,” said Kristine Richter, RN.
“I depended on this unit when my daughter Chloe was three days old and was diagnosed with a severe case of jaundice,” said John Green, a local parent and teacher. “As you can see, my daughter is now a healthy and energetic 5-year-old and I credit these nurses. It is unfair that we pay thousands of dollars in premiums to Kaiser and they will not invest in my family’s care.”