Press Release

California Nurses Endorse Prop. 30

CNA Press Release
August 2, 2012

Critical Step to Address Healthcare, Budget Crisis
Humanity, Not Austerity, California Can Set the Model

With Gov. Jerry Brown at their side in an Oakland press conference today, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United today announced its official endorsement of Proposition 30 on the state’s November ballot, the Governor’s initiative to address the state’s budget troubles.

“Humanity – Not Austerity. That is our message for today,” said CNA Co-President Malinda Markowitz, against a backdrop with a map of California.

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In addition to an endorsement, CNA, the state’s largest nurses’ organization also announced a $1 million contribution to the Yes on Prop. 30 campaign.

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“With Proposition 30, California can once again show a new direction for the nation while addressing our own critical needs at home,” said DeAnn McEwen, RN, CNA Co-president..

“At a time when too many politicians respond to budget crises solely with budget cuts and harsh austerity measures, we congratulate Gov. Brown for the political courage to propose increased revenue, mainly from those who have benefited the most in these tough times, from the people who are most able to pay,” McEwen said.

"This is in the best interests of California,” said Brown in welcoming CNA’s endorsement, commitment to help pass the initiative and what he called a “generous contribution. “This is really not about politics. It’s the choice to invest in our schools, to protect local mental health programs. It’s about funding the basic stuff of what government’s all about. That’s why nurses are here."  

Prop. 30 would raise from $6 billion to $9 billion every year, mostly through a small increase in taxes for the top income brackets, starting at households making $500,000 or more per year, as well as a temporary one-quarter of a cent increase in the state sales tax – with the revenue going for healthcare, education, childcare and other critical services.

"Why did we structure it this way?,” asked Brown. “If you look at the change in our economy since the last time I was governor, those who would be affected by this tax, those making $500,000 a year, or $1 million, or $2 million, this group of people has increased their share of California's income from under 9 percent to over 22 percent. So for those who have been blessed the most, it’s only right, and I think the way to go, to say give some back.”
 “Increased revenue means standing up in our state for healthcare, education, childcare and other vital services,” said Zenei Cortez, RN, CNA Co-president.
“Every day registered nurses see the harm that comes to our patients in the midst of our economic crisis,” Cortez said.. “We see health problems made worse by deferred care, more stress-related conditions including high blood pressure, gastro-intestinal problems, and mental illnessses, and more children presenting with diseases typically associated with adults.

“Proposition 30 is an important first step to address the health impacts from our budget crisis. The nurses worked hard to elect Jerry Brown; now we will work harder to have him succeed as a governor who will fight for our communities,” said Cortez

 “We know that our families, too, can not succeed unless our schools have teachers, unless colleges are affordable, unless health care is obtainable, unless libraries stay open, and unless neighborhoods stay safe. This initiative puts the state’s priority back on what matters: our future, our families, our neighborhoods,” Burger added.


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