Thousands of nurses storm 60 Congressional offices


In a week that recorded no new jobs being created in the U.S. for the entire month of August, and many people struggling with what to do about it, nurses around the U.S. sent an entirely different message -- get out in the streets and demand change.

On Thursday, thousands of nurses, joined by other labor and community supporters, went to the doorsteps of 60 members of Congress in 21 states across the U.S.

Their common message -- America is hurting, we've had enough, and we have a solution. Tax Wall Street to fund the recovery to pay for jobs at living wages, quality schools, guaranteed healthcare for everyone, and freedom from hunger, housing, and retirement insecurity.

At every location, we called on the politicians to sign a pledge to support a tax on Wall Street financial speculation to fund the reforms Main Street communities so desperately need.

We had soup kitchens in San Francisco and dozens of other cities.

sf soup kitchn

A town crier in Boston indicting the sins of Wall Street.

town crier

An 8-foot tall puppet of Michelle Bachmann who was grilled by her Minnesota nurse constituents.

Bachmann puppet

A sit-in and speak out in front of the office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Richmond, Va.


In Houston


and Las Vegas


and Chicago

Chicago too

and San Diego

San Diego

And in towns like Pueblo, Co., Augusta, Ga., Orlando, Fl., and Merrillville, Ind., and Jackson, Mi. with an emphatic message.  

As National Nurses United Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro (third from right in the photo above) said at the soup kitchen protest in San Diego:

"I'm angry with what's going on in this country. We heard a lot about hope in the last election. Where is that hope? It's right here, right now.

"We have to say to Wall Street you have taken and you have taken and you have taken, and you have given nothing back. You have abandoned this country and you have abandoned our people. And we are asking every legislator in this country to sign a pledge to tax Wall Street to fund Main Street. There should be no hungry people in America, and no one without a job in America."

Learn more about our campaign here, and join us.