Tell Our Policy Makers: Keystone XL is Bad for Our Health and Our Planet

Federal policy makers will soon make a final decision on whether to approve the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline project.

The KXL pipeline would carry 830,000 barrels of dirty tar sands oil from Canada across six U.S. states to Gulf Coast refineries in Texas.

To date, policy makers have paid little attention to the health risks associated with the extraction, transport, and refining of tar sands oil and they have refused to learn the lessons from massive tar sands pipeline spills in Michigan and Arkansas. NNU is also concerned about the health impacts of the climate crisis which scientists say would be accelerated by Keystone XL.

The good news is, YOU can still make a difference. BEFORE the policymakers decide, they are asking the public to weigh in with comments on the proposed pipeline.

The deadline for public comment is Friday, March 7.

As an RN you see first-hand how a sick environment harms our patients and our communities. Your opinion and experience matter! Let our policy makers hear your voice.



SUBMIT Your Official Comments by March 7, 2014 here!

Suggested talking points below:

1. As a Registered Nurse, I am concerned about the serious effects of tar sands oil spills and other toxic pollution that would be worsened by the Keystone XL pipeline.

2. Tar sands pollution has already been linked to respiratory ailments, cancer, and other adverse health effects.

3. I see the impact of environmental toxins on people's health every day and want an energy policy that supports a clean environment.

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Additional Actions:

1. Watch and share the video on why RNs say #NoKXL here!

2. Do you have a personal experience seeing the adverse health effects of tar sands, particularly tar sands spills? If so, please SHARE YOUR STORY here!
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5. Listen to RN Katy Roemer on Nurse Talk Radio


Thank you,

Jean Ross, RN, Co-president

National Nurses United