Robin Hood Pays DC a Visit - Wants Wall Street to Pay a Tax!

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Robin Hood Visits DC April 17 & 20, 2013


Live stream video recordings from the Robin Hood Tax actions in DC

Photos from the reintroduction of the Inclusive Prosperity Acton in DC on April 17

Photos from the Robin Hood Tax Rally in DC on April 20

We Found the Money, and It's On Wall Street

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By George Goehl
Executive Director, National People’s Action

On April 17th, Congressman Keith Ellison, Chairman of the Progressive Caucus, introduced the Inclusive Prosperity Act (HR 1579), which would generate hundreds of billions of dollars a year through a tiny tax on Wall Street trading. It's the exact kind of bold leadership and legislation our nation needs right now. April 20th, a thousand people rallied in Washington in support of this bill. Read more.

We Are Going to Be Everywhere!

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The U.S. Treasury was renamed “A Citigroup Subsidiary, Jack Lew, Inc. CEO,” as Robin Hood and a merry band of 2,000 hoisted a banner with the Treasury building as backdrop on the corner of 15th St. NW in Washington, D.C. “Who does Secretary Lew work for?” asked Jennifer Flynn of Health GAP, one of the founding organizations of the Robin Hood Tax Campaign.  “The people,” answered all. RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, another founding RHT organization, called out, “I see the Treasury; we all see Hypocrisy!” to which she heard a loud and resounding echo from the spirited protesters spilling into the intersection, a stone’s throw from the White House. “We are going to be everywhere!” said DeMoro. Read more.

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