Massachusetts Nurses Demand Super Committee Support Jobs, Not Cuts

Resolution to Support Protests Demanding the Super Committee Support Jobs Not Cuts

Resolution #1 of the Massachusetts Nurses Association annual business meeting, October 6, 2011, passed overwhelmingly.

Whereas, working people and the poor face an historic unemployment crisis and the danger of the deepest cuts in decades in federal spending of essential social services; and
Whereas, there is a desperate need for major resources to be directed toward a large federal program of public works to create jobs; and
Whereas, polls such as the September 15th New York Times/CBS News poll show that 80% of Americans would support a program of federal spending on infrastructure like bridges, airports and schools as a means to create jobs; and
Whereas, Congress set up a bipartisan Super Committee to propose at least $1.2 trillion of cuts to the federal budget, possibly much more, by November 23; and
Whereas, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - the three most essential and popular social programs working people depend on - could face unprecedented historic cuts; and
Whereas, one of the two national co-chairs of the Super Committee is Massachusetts Senator John Kerry; and
Whereas, by organizing major protests in Boston, we have a rare opportunity to attract media attention and have an impact on this national debate.
Be it resolved that the Massachusetts Nurses Association join the growing list of endorsers for the National Week of Action for Jobs Not Cuts and supports building the largest possible protest on Thursday, November 17 to let John Kerry, a member of the Super Committee, know our opposition to these unprecedented attacks; and
Be it further resolved that the protest adopts the following basic demands:

  • Hands off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid! No cuts to education and social services!
  • We need jobs, not cuts! Fund a federal public works program to create millions of jobs!
  • Make Big Business pay! For major tax hikes on the super-rich and corporations!
  • End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan! Slash Pentagon spending!

Be it further resolved that the Massachusetts Nurses Association mobilize its members and supporters to the protest; and
Be it further resolved that the Massachusetts Nurses Association donate $200 to the Jobs Not Cuts Campaign.