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Global Nurses United News Round-up

, 1/29/14


UCLA Santa Monica Nurse Helps with Typhoon Aftermath in the Philippines

Fifth Deployment of Nurses Heads to Typhoon Ravaged Philippines

Austin Nurse Headed to the Philippines Part of National Nurses' Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Relief Effort

Chandler Mom, Nurse Jumps at Chance to Help After Disasters

UCLA Sends Second Nurse to Philippines for Typhoon Relief Effort



Nurses Continue Strike Until Tuesday

Nurses Seek to Be Recognized

The nurses Will Keep Measures in Force Until the 21st

Nurses Return to the Hospitals

After 41 Days, Neuquen Call Off Strike



Health staff without flu shot risk consequences: nurses union

Nurses Wipe Insults from Patients

NS Nurses Welcome Clinic Reports to Ease Staffing Problems

Nurses’ Union holds Safe Staffing Summit in Truro

Saint John Nurses Assaulted by Patient in Hospital, Says Union

Alberta unions call proposed cuts to public pension plans unjustified

Nurses Unions call for end to cuts to nursing hours and retention of Canada's 2013-2014 nursing



Robots More Patients Than Nurses?



Auxiliary nurses demanding payment of 12 million Lempiras severance



HSE promises new beds to ease trolley numbers



Health Workers' Strike Hits Hospitals

Health Workers Strike Paralyses Hospitals



Nurses Demand Payment at Treasury

Protest Continues by Nursing Workforce of the National Hospital



Doctors, Nurses and Workers Try to Take Local Regional Government



Nurses Say Enough

SATSE requires strengthening nurses in health centers because of the flu

Nurses Warn of the Risk of Privatizing Sterilization

Puerto Real Emergency Nurses Call for Reinforcements


United Kingdom

Hospitals with Fewer Nurses on Wars than Mid-Staffs



Pressure Mounting on Call to Fight Hospital Price Gouging

Nurses Say Kaiser Oakland is Shortchanging Patients

Nevada Ranks 4th Nationally for High Hospital Charges

Southwest Florida hospital charges well below state average

Baystate Franklin in Greenfield Declares Impasse in Nurses Labor Dispute

Nurses Picket for New Contract, Next Negotiation Session Is Friday

Hospital Declares Impasse in Negotiations

Nurses Protest Layoffs, Cuts at Alta Bates Summit Hospital



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