Demand Secretary Kerry Prove No Health Harm from the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Nurses Say "Don't Pipeline My Patients"

Nurses and our families are affected by environmental pollution, and the increased harm associated with Keystone XL, greater tar sands operations, and the climate crisis. It is for our patients, our members, our families, and our communities, that we speak out, and urge you to sign our letter to Secretary Kerry demanding an immediate health impact study, and that he not authorize a pipeline that will harm our planet and our health. Sign the petition!



Demand Secretary Kerry Prove No Health Harm from the Keystone XL Pipeline!

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"Don't Pipeline My Patients!"


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Listen To Your Nurses!

1. Listen to NNU Co-president Karen Higgins on the Ed Schultz radio show

2. Listen to RN Katy Roemer talk about this on Nurse Talk Radio


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