California RNs, Make Your Vote Count – Register to Vote, Vote By Mail


Did you ever forget to vote? Were you ever too tired after a long 12 hour shift to make it to the polling place? (And how do you vote when you work a 7am to 7pm shift and that’s only the time the polls are open?) Did a sick child keep you home, or a cranky kid make you too late to vote on the way to work?

With the future of our nurse-to-patient ratios put in jeopardy by Proposition 32, this year we need to make sure our votes count. Proposition 32 would prevent nurses from pooling our money to fight back against hospital’s attempts to overturn the ratios (and other workplace protections), but allow the executives and insurance companies  to collect and spend whatever they want, so it’s vital that all nurses register to vote and vote.

Deadline to Register to Vote is October 22nd – Click here to Register (or re-register if you have moved).

The best way to ensure your vote counts, is to vote by mail. You can consider the issues on your own time, in the privacy of your home: review the ballot pamphlet as you vote, rather than rush through it and try to remember everything as you stand in the polling place. Simply fill out your ballot, sign it, put a stamp on it, and send it using the pre-addressed envelop.

Rather than worrying about scheduling a trip to the polling place, and being delayed, or forgetting, or simply running out of time, voting by mail gets your ballot there and counted. Polling place locations change, voting by mail is reliable and secure.

Click here to request a Vote-By-Mail ballot.

Once you vote by mail, the county registrar of voters checks your name off, and soon the pesky phone calls and candidate mailers stop.  

There is much at stake for our patients and our profession on November 6th – which is why we can’t leave it to the last minute to vote. For more information about Election 2012, click here.

As nurses, we have great credibility with the public – let’s use it!

Thank you!

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