Cathy Kennedy, RN, at Capitol Hill press conference

RN Leader, Back from 2-Week Puerto Rico Mission, to Testify to Congress Thursday on Public Health Crisis

A registered nurse leader, recently returned from spending two weeks coordinating teams of healthcare professionals in a disaster response mission in Puerto Rico, will testify before Congress Thursday on the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the island and the need for more help.

RN Response Network
November 1, 2017


Puerto Rico


Erin Carrera, RN

Marin nurses, back from Puerto Rico, urge more hurricane relief

Under a sweltering Puerto Rican sun two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit, thousands of victims — including, children, babies, the elderly and people in wheelchairs — formed a mile-long line awaiting aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency team that had just arrived at a stadium in Rio Grande.

Adrian Rodriguez, Marin Independent Journal
October 30, 2017


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Christine Grant, RN

RN Christine Grant Talks About The Humanitarian Crisis In Puerto Rico

Listen to Christine Grant, RN from Washington DC. Christine was one of 50 nurses who went to Puerto Rico with the support of RNRN(Registered Nurses Response Network) and was part of a Congressional meeting where nurses submitted a report on conditions in Puerto Rico and called for immediate Congressional action.

Pattie Lockard, Nurse Talk Radio
November 2, 2017

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