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Medicare For All

Medicare For All or Single Payer content


Mercy Killers—Powerful New Play Inspired by Healthcare Horror Stories Begins Chicago Run Oct. 28

Mercy Killers—Powerful New Play Inspired by Healthcare Horror Stories Begins Chicago Run Oct. 28

Chicago--The American Theater Company of Chicago, in collaboration with National Nurses United (NNU) and the Illinois Single Payer Coalition, are bringing Broadway actor Michael Milligan’s topical solo performance, Mercy Killers, to Chicago for a five-day run Oct. 28 through Nov.3. The opening performance will also feature a panel discussion with Milligan and local activists at the University of Chicago to explore the next steps in finishing the job of healthcare reform in the nation. Admission is FREE to all performances. More »


When health insurers play games, patients lose

When health insurers play games, patients lose

Dr. Theodore Corwin jumps through numerous hoops to get UnitedHealthcare to pay for a patient's breast reduction — only to finally be told the surgery wasn't covered by her policy. A 26-year-old woman recently came to his office complaining of back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as numbness in her hands and arms, resulting from her unusually ample bust. She's 5-foot-6, not overweight, Corwin said. She wanted a breast reduction. More »


Nurses Take Campaign to Heal America to Congress

Nurses Take Campaign to Heal America to Congress

Registered nurses from across the country went to Washington DC last week to urge Congress to take action to fix the nation’s broken health care system by enacting Medicare for All. While our nation’s health care system has incredibly capable nurses and other health professionals, and boasts a variety of other advantages like the highest spending per person in the world, we don’t get the outcomes we should. Far too many go without health care when they need it. Our nation ranks behind 19 industrialized countries in preventable deaths among those under age 75. More »


National Nurse Magazine

National Nurse magazine not only covers the activities of National Nurses United but also strives to produce hard-hitting news features and thoughtful analyses about nursing and the real ills plaguing the U.S. healthcare system. You?ll find true stories from the front lines of care given by the nation?s 2.5 million registered nurses, as well as articles about nursing practice, public health, healthcare policy, and the healthcare industry. Through our reporting, we hope to inspire a movement toward a humane and just healthcare system for all. The magazine is published 10 times per year by NNU, with combined issues in summer and winter. (Online Publication ISSN# 2153-0394) Download »


National Campaign for Safe RN-to-Patient Staffing Ratios

RNs across the United States are actively working with CNA/NNU to win their own mandated direct-care RN-to-patient staffing ratios. RNs in other countries have also been fighting to win RN-to-patient staffing ratios to improve conditions for their patients. Safe RN-to-patient staffing ratios have been proven to save lives, yet under-staffing is a major issue that RNs struggle with every day. We are ready to change that. Join us! More »


Legislative Agenda

See a list of issues NNU and CNA are pushing forward in California and nationally. More »