Submitted by ADonahue on February 8, 2021

Nurses CalCare Speakers Bureau Training

This will be a 6-hour in-person training comprised of one CE course and one workshop.

  • CE course: Patients Over Profits: How Single-Payer Health Care Paves the Way for Health Justice in CA
  • Workshop: Speak Out for CalCare Workshop

Course description:

It’s no secret that health care in the United States is expensive and hard to get. Over one hundred million patients struggle to pay for care, while nurses across the country work in unsafe conditions and are prevented from providing the highest quality care by an industry that favors profits over patients. Yet union nurses know that a better health care system is possible. For years, union nurses have advocated for a single-payer system that guarantees care for all regardless of ability to pay. Despite fierce industry opposition, a movement is growing for health care justice.

This CE class will prepare nurses with the knowledge and analysis necessary to lead the movement for health care justice. We will examine how the United States health care system came to be the way it is, what changes a single-payer system would make to how we provide care, and the opportunities such a system would create for advancing social justice and equity. Participants are encouraged to also enroll in the Speak Out for CalCare Workshop as a practical, skills-based supplement to the CE.

Workshop description:

Union nurses know best that Californians need a more equitable and accessible health care system NOW! Join this interactive 3-hour workshop to become a leading voice in the fight for CalCare – the legislation that would guarantee free, comprehensive, high-quality health care to all California residents as a human right through a single-payer system. In the workshop, we will discuss nurses’ multi-pronged plan to win CalCare, learn the truth behind common misconceptions about single-payer health care, and make a plan to share this important information with communities across the state. You will hone your skills as a speaker and advocate for CalCare through practice and groupwork. You will leave this workshop prepared to be a leading voice in our union’s fight for health care for all.

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