Executive Director - Minnesota Nurses Association

Submitted by njones on May 23, 2022

Position title:            Executive Director
Accountable to:        MNA Board of Directors

The Minnesota Nurses Association stands strong for nurses, patients, and quality care everywhere. We are over 20,000 dedicated nurses and health care professionals in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota who promote the professional and economic well-being of nurses through collective action. MNA will continue to advocate for the public’s health until everyone has access to quality, affordable health care.


Serves as Executive Director responsible for the effective conduct of the affairs of the Minnesota Nurses Association for the benefit of the membership. Recommends and participates in the formulation of the Association's mission, goals, objectives, and related policies as they reflect the strategic plan. Within that framework, exercises appropriate administrative control in the planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing of the staff, programs, and activities of the Association. Identifies trends and forecasts needs. Implements and monitors plans, priorities, and policies established by the MNA Board of Directors and House of Delegates.  Administers and ensures the philosophical, fiduciary, and legal integrity of the Association.

A. Relationship with the Board:

  1. Performs duties requested by the Board or President.
  2. Participates in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the strategic plan.
  3. Researches and recommends necessary policies and procedures for the Association.
  4. Communicates in a timely fashion with the Board and sub-committees regarding problems and decisions, and then follows up with a corrective plan and the resulting outcome.
  5. Provides organizational and staff support to the Board and sub-committees in the conduct of Board business, including organizational leadership training.
  6. Prepares written reports for each Board meeting in addition to an annual summary and other reports as requested.
  7. Carries out the conditions of the Executive Director employment contract and accounts to the Board through audited reports or other appropriate reports as requested.

B. Service to Members:

  1. Plans, implements, and administers programs and policies as adopted by the House of Delegates.
  2. Assures maintenance of accurate membership records.
  3. Provides staff support for activities of the Association and its structural units.
  4. Ensures effective communication among structural units of the Association while fostering our commitment to diversity.
  5. Develops programs for member leadership recruitment and development.
  6. Undertakes activities to regularly assess the needs of MNA members.

C. Fiscal Management of the Association:

  1. Oversees the fiscal management and assures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Coordinates the budgeting process with the Board and the Finance Committee.
  3. Conducts all MNA business relationships, including actively seeking grants and contracts.
  4. Identifies and develops appropriate non-dues revenue sources for the Association.

D. Leadership and Management Abilities Applied to the Association:

  1. Maintains the office headquarters and other facilities that may be needed.
  2. Manages the staff organizational structure to effectively implement the strategic initiatives.
  3. Seeks Board of Director’s input and negotiates and administers the staff employment contracts and policies.
  4. Manages the personnel program of recruitment, orientation, development, performance appraisal, and compensation.
  5. Ensures that personnel practices comply with relevant labor laws and other regulations.
  6. Selects and monitors the work of consultants as necessary.

E. External Relations: Professional Organizations, Governmental Bodies, Community and Public Relations:

  1. Serves, along with the President or designee, as an official spokesperson for the Association.
  2. Works cooperatively with other state and national nurses' associations to provide leadership in the nursing and health care arenas.
  3. Ensures that staff conduct and communication promotes a positive image of nursing and the Association.
  4. Advises elected and volunteer members of policies and positions of the Association so they are followed.
  5. Establishes and maintains relationships with provider and consumer groups in health and human services.

F. Implementation of Yearly Strategic Goals Identified by the Board:

  1. Record and save the guidelines outlining the process used to develop, disseminate, and implement the Strategic Plan.
  2. Continue to develop the office infrastructure and staff to access and use more electronic communications.
  3. Provide information and education to the membership on access and use of electronic communications with the office; priority should be given to MNA elected leaders.
  4. Identify issues and trends affecting the Association.
  5. Continue to identify opportunities for a strong and consistent MNA influence in local, state, and national nursing and health care arenas.


  1. Masters degree preferred in related field.
  2. RN preferred.
  3. Meets the standards of current labor law, i.e., Sections 500 and 504 of Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, 29 USC section 401-54.
  4. Evidence of relevant continuing education.
  5. Experience with volunteer associations.
  6. Understands and supports the philosophy of a multi-purpose professional organization.
  7. Commitment to collective bargaining.
  8. Commitment to excellence in nursing practice.
  9. Experience in a leadership role in administration where management and budgeting skills were required.
  10. Effective verbal and communication skills.
  11. Travel required.
  12. Able to work with a flexible schedule and intermittently for intense periods of time.
  13. Interpersonal effectiveness – an effective communicator who has excelled in building successful relationships with diverse groups and individuals and who has a history of risk taking. Has a record of fostering collaboration and consensus with staff they direct and the Board of Directors they serve.
  14. History of inspiring leadership – has a record of attracting and motivating highly talented staff, along with the ability to coach and mentor.
  15. Vision and a record of success in organizational innovation and change.
  16. Understands the importance of and can promote a member-driven Union of Registered Nurses.

Approved by the MNA Board Personnel Committee on May 18, 2022.


Teresa A. Mazzitelli
Executive Search Consultants