NNU COVID-19 Survey Results

National Nurses United’s (NNU’s) second COVID-19 survey of U.S. nurses showed the impact of health care employers’ and governments’ failures and disregard for nurses’ lives.

The preliminary results of NNU’s third survey show the impact of reopening too soon. The results report on responses from more than 21,200 nurses from 50 states plus Washington D.C. and three territories.

Even as many states rush to reopen, health care employers continue to implement crisis standards of care, leading to dangerous conditions that leave nurses and their patients unprotected.

COVID-19 cases are climbing at record rates across the United States.
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Icon of clipboard24% of nurses think their employer is providing a safe workplace.


Icon of respirator mask87% of nurses who work at hospitals reported reusing at least one piece of single-use PPE. Reusing single-use PPE is a dangerous practice that can increase exposures to nurses, other staff, and to patients.

Icon of mask in bin54% of nurses who work at hospitals say their employer has implemented a decontamination program to “clean” single-use PPE, such as N95 respirators, between uses. Decontamination of single-use PPE has not been proven to be safe nor effective.

Icon 23% of nurses reported they have been tested for COVID-19. A lack of testing jeopardizes nurses’ health and safety and their ability to protect their patients and families.

COVID-1936% of nurses who work at hospitals reported that they are afraid of catching COVID-19 and 43% are afraid of infecting a family member.

Icon of doctors27% of nurses reported having exposed skin or clothing when caring for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, leaving nurses and their colleagues at increased risk of being exposed to the virus at work.

Survey results as of July 27, 2020.


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