Endangerment of Nurses and Patients: Exploring and Explaining the Burnout and Workplace Violence Epidemics

This class will investigate the dual epidemics of workplace violence and burnout and what they mean for nurses today, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic that has exposed the long-standing failures of the health care industry to protect the health and safety of nurses and their patients. Using national and state level data and peer-reviewed literature and drawing on participants’ direct experiences, we will examine the relationship between health care industry restructuring of nurses’ work and risk factors for workplace violence and nurse burnout. Understanding this relationship reveals powerful structural solutions to workplace violence, stress, and burnout for nurses.

Objectives: upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Describe root causes for workplace violence, stress, and burnout experienced by nurses
  • Identify strategies that aim to restructure nurses’ work
  • Discuss steps nurses can take to advocate for safer patient care.

Instructors: Patricia Gonzalez, RN, Rocelyn De Leon-Minch, Jane Thomason

3 hours for 3 CE credits


May 6, 2021
12pm-3pm PT/3pm-6pm ET
May 11, 2021
2pm-5pm PT/5pm-8pm ET
May 25, 2021
10am-1:00pm PT/1pm-4pm ET
June 10, 2021
12pm-3pm PT/3pm-6pm ET