Press Release

Michigan Nurses Association Endorses Patient Safety Advocates

OKEMOS - Leaders of the Michigan Nurses Association, Michigan’s largest union and professional association for registered nurses, have issued their second of two rounds of endorsements in state House and Senate races.

MNA is a nonpartisan organization whose nurse leaders evaluate candidates based on their policy positions and commitment to supporting nurses, patients and working families.

MNA members’ top priority is adequate nurse staffing to ensure safe patient care. This can be achieved through legislation limiting the number of patients per nurse and banning mandatory nurse overtime except in emergencies.

Candidates who earn the MNA endorsement have a strong commitment to proper nurse-to-patient ratios as outlined in the Safe Patient Care Act (HB 4311 and SB 228); collective bargaining rights so nurses can effectively and safely advocate for their profession and their patients; and MNA’s Main Street Contract, which reflects principles that include equal access to a quality public education; jobs at living wages; guaranteed health care; a safe and healthy environment; and a just taxation system.

The Michigan Nurses Association has endorsed the following candidates.

For state Senate:
Doug Spade (Senate District 17); Dawn Levey (SD 24); and Bobbie Walton (SD 14)

For state House:
Rebecca Thompson (House District 1); Rep. Sarah Roberts (HD 18); Kristy Pagan (HD 21); John Chirkun (HD 22); Andy Linko (HD 23); Rep. Jim Townsend (HD 26); Robert Wittenberg (HD 27); Derek Miller (HD 28); Rep. Tim Greimel (HD 29); Robin McGregor (HD 43); Joanna VanRaaphorst (HD 45);
Rep. David Rutledge (HD 54); Andy Helmboldt (HD 62); Bonnie Johnson (HD 65);
Annie Brown (HD 66); and Joan Brausch (HD 98)