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Vigil in Hayward Today, 2:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. Nurses Support a Healthy Future for St. Rose Hospital

California Nurses Association Press Release, 2/6/14

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 Protest Management's Efforts to Undermine Patient Care
The Registered Nurses at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward will conduct a candlelight vigil today to protest management's stalling in negotiations for a first contract and refusing to address issues that are fundamental to quality patient care.
In December 2012, after several years of mismanagement at St. Rose, the RNs voted to affiliate with the California Nurses Association. Since that time, RNs have actively sought to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement that preserves some of their existing standards, and also improves them so that RNs can provide the best patient care. The nurses and their bargaining team have focused on standards that also address the retention and recruitment of experienced RNs.  Management, in turn, is attempting to extract almost a dozen concessions on standards that have been in place for many years.
Over the past few months, nurses have filed a growing number of ADO or Assignment Despite Objection forms with management to document their concerns. These include, failure to provide adequate training to RNs who are caring for patients undergoing highly specialized medical procedures such as neurosurgery, chronic short staffing in all units, and requiring RNs to work overtime, through their breaks and on weekends. Nurses at St. Rose have not received a cost of living increase in five years and management now proposes to reduce salary increases and sick leave pay, which are already below those in other area hospitals.  

What:   Candlelight Vigil for the Future of Quality Care at St. Rose Hospital
When:  Today, Feb. 6, 2014, 2 pm - 4:30 pm
Where: St. Rose Hospital 27200 Calaroga Ave, Hayward, CA
               Gather in front of the hospital at the corner of Calaroga and Tennyson

“Management is currently proposing provisions that will lead to attrition in the level of experienced RNs," said Marlene Wong, RN. "St. Rose is a community hospital that serves many uninsured and low income patients and they deserve quality patient care from experienced, competent staff, just like anybody else."

“St. Rose nurses have weathered the hospital’s trials and tribulations and now they deserve to be appreciated for their hard work and dedication," said Vaishali Bhakta, RN."With the takeaways on the bargaining table right now, RNs that have provided years of service and have a deep connection with the community, will feel compelled to leave for other hospitals in the area where they can provide better, safer care."
“Through thick and thin we have struggled to do the best for the patients," said Tricia Munoz, RN. "St. Rose needs to recognize this and provide a safe level of staffing at the hospital and a fair contract in step with nursing standards in the rest of the region."


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