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Sept 1 Tax Wall Street National Event Press Coverage

Florida nurses urge Tax on Wall Street

National Nurses United held historic actions on September 1, 2011, focusing national attention on the need to bring back a Tax on Wall Street to pay for the damage done to Main Street. Below are selected press clips from press across the United States who covered the more than 60 actions in 21 states involving nearly 10,000 nurses. You can see more photos, like the one above, on flickr.

Selected Press Clips from September 1, 2011 Tax Wall Street Event

Nurses Union to Wall St.: ‘You Got to Give Up the Dough—Pay What You Owe!’
— In These Times 9/1/11

Nurses call for tax on Wall Street, urge Brown to sign
— Boston Herald 9/1/11

Bachman woos veterans, takes heat from nurses
— KARE NBC St. Paul 9/1/11

Residents, members of state nurses union call on lawmakers to tax Wall Street to pull country out of recession
— Jackson Citizen Patriot 9/1/11

Nurses union holds dozens of rallies for Wall Street tax to 'heal America'
— Orlando Sentinel 9/1/11

Rep. Joe Baca joins movement to reinstate Wall Street tax
— Redlands Daily Facts 9/1/11

Nurses Protest in 60 Cities, Demanding Tax on Wall Street
— LaborNotes 9/1/11

Nurses and Wall Street - What's the connection?
— The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann 9/1/11

Chant of 'tax the rich' growing louder in nation
— San Francisco Chronicle 9/1/11

How will we pay for Obama's new jobs push? Answer: Tax Wall Street
— The Nation 8/31/11

Nurses want Chambliss to support taxes on stock transactions for projects
— Augusta Chronicle 9/1/11

Nurses call on lawmakers to back a tax on financial transactions
— Tampa Bay Online 9/1/11

Nurses Call For Stock Trading Tax
— San Diego Reader 9/1/11

Nurses rally for Wall Street tax
— The Pueblo Chieftan 9/1/11

From Wall Street to Main Street: Nurses Want New Tax
— Northlands Newscenter 9/1/11

Nurses advocate transaction tax on Wall Street
— Chicago Post-Tribune 9/1/11

Nurses Rally For New Tax On Wall Street
— WABI TV 5 in Bangor 9/1/11

Unions hold demonstration outside Issa's Vista office
— Sign On San Diego 9/1/11

Nurses to Take Tax Push to Congressional Districts
— HealthLeaders Media 9/1/11

Nurses demand- Tax Wall Street to Heal America
— Talking Union 9/1/11

Protesters Show Up Outside Costa's Office
— KMJN Talk Radio 9/1/11

Nurses' imaginative Tactis Breathe Life into Progressives: Make Wall Street Pay for the Crisis It Created
— AlterNet 9/1/11

Nurses: Make Wall Street Help Struggling Residents in SB County
— LomaLindaPatch 8/31/11

'Tax Wall Street': Local nurses spearhead rally
— The Mining Journal 9/2/11

Mid-Michigan nurses to collect food at CMU tailgating
— Central Michigan Morning Sun 9/1/11

Nurses, gathered in downtown Muskegon, hope Wall Street will heal 'Main Street'
— Muskegon Chronicle 9/1/11

Tax Wall Street to Heal Main Street
— ProgressMichigan 9/1/11

Nurses Hold "Heal America Tax Wall Street" Rally
— 9/1/11


Video and YouTube Coverage

Chicago Nurses: Blues for Main Street

Boston Nurses and the Town Crier

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